What to do if you cut yourself shaving down there

There are many ways people will tell you work if you have a small cut that wont stop bleeding after you have nicked yourself while shaving. There are many old wives tales, many of which don’t work but I did try one which did. I will tell you about that at the end, but it’s not something some with phobias might want to try.

On certain delicate parts of the anatomy just a small nick can seem to take forever to stop bleeding. That is because those areas tend to have lots of blood vessels.

If it won’t stop after a few minutes then there are a number of things you can try if you want to know how to stop bleeding after shaving pubic area, or anywhere else for that matter.

How to stop bleeding from shaving

What to do if you cut yourself shaving down there
1. Apply Pressure

The first thing to do is to apply some pressure to the cut using a towel or some tissue.

Maintain the pressure for three or four minutes before releasing to give the blood a chance to clot. If it hasn’t stopped try again for a bit longer.

If that still doesn’t work then try some, or all, of the following:

2. Stypic Pencil/Shaving Stick

Use a stypic pencil (shaving stick) that contains aluminum sulfate such as this one on Amazon.  The aluminum acts as a hemostasis so makes the blood coagulate and stops the bleeding.

3. Lip Chapstick

If you have one to hand you can use a lip chapstick as it will act like a seal over the wound. Ideally you should wash the tip first if it has been used to remove any bacteria which may be on it.

4. Lip Balm

This also works by sealing the wound so assisting it to clot. Try this popular lip balm on Amazon.

5. Witch Hazel

You can use products such as eyes drops that contain witch hazel such as Innoxa Blue available on Amazon. Witch hazel restricts the blood vessels so helps with clotting.

6. Aftershave

You can dab some aftershave, that includes alcohol, on the wound. Alcohol acts as an astringent which restricts blood vessels so can be very effective in stopping blood flow. It will make you smell nice too.

Just a word of warning though, if you are using it on your scrotum, it can sting like hell!

7. Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Most deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride. Aluminum chloride causes sweat glands to shrink, which is how it reduces sweating, and it can constrict blood vessels as well.

What to do if you cut yourself shaving down there
8. Tea bag

Many people use cool wet tea bags on their eyes to reduce redness and any puffiness. This works by reducing swelling due to the acidity in the tea (tannic acid).

A used tea bag can can be used in the same way to stop bleeding.

9. Ice Cube

Try holding an ice cube on the cut to constrict the blood vessels and so aid coagulation. It may get a little cold but that is a small price to pay.

10. Listerine Mouthwash

This also contains alcohol, much the same as aftershave, so it can be also used on a shaving cut to constrict the blood vessels and allow coagulation to take place.

11. Toilet paper

Putting small pieces of toilet paper on shaving cuts on the face has long been a method used by men over the decades or even centuries. It is perhaps not so easy to do on whichever part of genitalia you may have nicked but you could try it.

Personally it has never worked well for me as whenever I pull the paper off I seem to reopen the cut and bleeding starts again.

My secret weapon

Now we come to the “Old Wive’s Tale” that I tried once when everything else failed. I had nicked my septum (the wall between the nostrils) and it just kept bleeding for well over 30 minutes. I then remembered reading somewhere about how spider’s webs were used in past times to stop bleeding.

What to do if you cut yourself shaving down there

There was never a shortage of spiders web‘s around the outside of my house so I collected some on my fingertip (ensuring I didn’t collect a spider too) and rubbed it on my cut. To my surprise,

Spiders inject their victims with a coagulant and some of that, along with Vitamin K, exist in a spider’s cobweb, which is why it works.

Was “What to do if you cut yourself shaving down there” useful? I hope so. Also read my recommendations for the best body groomer for private parts

Graeme P

Being a hairy man (thanks ancestors) I have been finding ways to remove much of my body hair for decades. Hopefully my experiences will help you.

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