7 most popular ways to get rid of body hair for guys

Generally the most popular methods to get rid of body hair for guys are those that can be carried out in the privacy of their own home. Going to beauty therapists to have body hair removed is becoming more acceptable for men.  But there is a long way to go before most men feel comfortable visiting a therapist to have this done for them.

get rid of body hair for guys

The 7 most popular ways to get rid of body hair for guys

1. Shaving

Using the good old razor and shaving foam/gel is still one of the most popular methods of removing body hair. It can be used for the chest, stomach, and pubic areas easily on your own or your back with help.

2. Electric Body Hair Groomers

These have become very popular over the past few years, and for good reason. This is mainly due to their ease of use and their reducing cost. This is particularly true for use in men’s back hair removal where specific attachments have been introduced to make this easier if doing it by yourself.

3. Body hair removal cream

Body hair removal creams are easy to use and generally work well. It is true that some are a bit messy and can be smelly, a particular smell I don’t like as it happens. They can be quite an irritant if you have very sensitive skin so you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

I would recommend always trying a small test on a patch of skin, to ensure you don’t adversely react, before going the whole hog and spreading it everywhere.

4. Laser home hair removal

These devices are actually called IPLs (Intense Pulsed Light) which are not actually lasers at all.  However they do work on similar principles of targeting specific parts of the hair. They can remove body hair permanently if used regularly. First by reducing the amount of hair growth and finally stopping it altogether.

5. Waxing

You can do this at home or it can be done professionally in a waxing salon. It can be quite messy to do yourself. It is also definitely not for those who dislike pain (such as me) as you will be ripping the hairs out at the roots.

6. Professional laser hair removal

Obviously this requires a visit to a beauty therapist, which many men may find embarrassing. It can be quite expensive and time consuming but generally works well.

7. Professional electrolysis

Electrolysis can be very expensive and may take many sessions to achieve worthwhile results but it does claim permanent hair removal results. I would definitely get a quotation from the therapist before going ahead so you have an idea of the total cost.

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Graeme P

Being a hairy man (thanks ancestors) I have been finding ways to remove much of my body hair for decades. Hopefully my experiences will help you.

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