Is Manscaping Good or Bad? An In-depth Guide

There was a time when the only time a man may have had his pubic hair shaved was if going into hospital for a vasectomy or even an appendectomy. Almost the only other exception might have been if he was a professional porn star.

So is manscaping good or bad? That is a question we have heard many times over the years and, of course, as with so many questions like this, there is no definitive answer. So you can try to make up your own mind I will take you through some of the manscaping pros and cons you may wish to consider below ….

The most important thing to say is that whether you manscape or not is purely a matter of personal taste. It is entirely up to you. Some may think it is the only way to be, while others may think it is revolting and “unmanly”.

No-one is right and no-one is wrong when it comes to issues like this. Should I manscape is a question only you can answer.

Manscaping the pros and cons

Times change though so if you are considering it then here are some of the manscaping good or bad points that come to mind:

Some Manscaping Pros

  1. It can make you less sweaty, as you probably won’t get so warm there, which obviously has benefits
  2. Cleaning that area is much easier without hair so this can lead to increased personal hygiene, which has to be a good thing doesn’t it?
  3. It can actually feel quite nice, both when the air gets on it and also the feel of some types of underwear against the skin
  4. Often it makes you feel more sensitive as there is no hair to act as a buffer so can increase your pleasure during sex
  5. Getting rid of the undergrowth can make the “tree” seem taller! Particularly true if the tree is closer to a sapling than a giant redwood. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the analogy)
  6. In some circles it may make you more acceptable and therefore may make you feel more part of the crowd (in naturism for example)
  7. Putting on a condom can be easier, and less painful, if there are no hairs to get caught in it
  8. There can be a decreased risk of catching some types of STD – pubic lice (crabs) are prime example of this
  9. If you go to the beach or the swimming pool then wearing skimpy swimwear will look nicer without having hair sticking out
  10. Giving oral sex can be a more pleasant experience for your partner if they do not have to get pubic hair out of their teeth
  11. Of course, manscaping doesn’t necessarily mean shaving completely. You have the option to just trim and tidy up which may be the best and safest thing to do for some men.

Some Manscaping Cons

  1. It takes time to keep yourself constantly looking smooth. This obviously depends on how quickly your hair grows and whether you have blonde or dark hair.
  2. That 5 o’clock shadow look is not a good one so you need to keep up with the grooming
  3. If you aren’t careful you could give yourself a few nicks and, believe me, the scrotum bleeds quite profusely
  4. Some people may experience itching and other irritations when pubic hair starts to grow back. Personally that is never something I have had a problem with.
  5. Shaving rashes may be experienced by some. This depends on the sensitivity of your skin of course but again, nothing I have ever noticed myself.
  6. If you use a hair removal cream this may lead to a skin reaction. Always test on a small area first to make sure you do not react adversely. Obviously if you do then don’t use that particular product.
  7. Ingrowing hairs are possible if you remove hair completely, particularly after using hair removal creams. Not too many people are prone to this problem though.
  8. It is said that potentially some STDs are easier to catch if you have any cuts or abrasions etc due to shaving
  9. They say that pubic hair traps pheromones, the smell of which are supposed to be attractive to women. So if you shave completely then this won’t be a way of attracting women, but, to be honest, if you have to rely on this to get dates then it is the least of your problems.
  10. Some may think you are not very “manly” without pubic hair. That is rather an outdated attitude though. We say – who cares what they think.

Manscaping Good or Bad – Conclusion

We hope we have given you some good information to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you should take the plunge and “shave your junk” or not. The good thing is, if you do try it, and you don’t like it, it will soon grow again and no-one would be any the wiser. Nothing is permanent so experimenting isn’t too onerous is it?

The bottom line of manscaping good or bad or indifferent is do whatever you think is right, but, if you do decide to go ahead, make sure you do it carefully, at least until you get the hang of it. After all, it takes time to learn how to shave our faces when we are young, and our face is probably much easier to do!

The following is a lighthearted video from Manscaped showing how important it is to use the correct tools for the job.

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