How to trim chest and stomach hair – My top tips that work

It is most common for men to trim chest and stomach hair. Mostly this is done for aesthetic reasons and, lets be honest, usually to make them more sexually appealing.

Fortunately, trimming chest and stomach hair are, without doubt, the easiest areas of the body for a man to trim himself. They are the areas that are easy to reach, easy to see and where there is very little to get in the way when trimming so less chance of an injury.

How to trim chest and stomach hair

Once you have decided to do something about your chest and stomach hair then you have a few more decisions to make.

You will have to choose between shaving, trimming (using scissors or an electric trimmer), waxing or using a hair removal cream.

And not only that but you also have to decide whether to remove your stomach and chest hair completely or to leave some of it where it is.

Decisions, decisions!

Personally I always trim rather than shaving or using a hair removal cream in these areas. I never even consider waxing – far too cowardly for that!

I usually use my Manscaped Lawn Mower 2 on both my stomach and my chest which trims so closely that it is almost like shaving anyway. Alternatively I use my Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3100 which is just as good to be honest.

I always trim my stomach hair completely and, depending on my mood at the time, I either remove my chest hair completely or trim it to just remain in my upper chest area.

The right tools for the job

How to trim chest and stomach hair

Just like many jobs you might do, be it fixing things around the house or on your car, or doing a personal care job such as dealing with your stomach and chest hair, using the right tools will make things easier and the results better.

The most popular ways are:

Electric Body Groomer

Unless you really want to shave completely, in my opinion, these are the best tools to use. You can either use them without any attachments and get a really close trim (almost as good as a shave) or use the comb attachments. These normally come in different lengths so that you can adjust how close the trim is.

As already mentioned above, my two favorites for this kind of job are the Manscaped Lawn Mower 2 and the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3100. You can read my full reviews of the top 5 body groomers under $50 to find out more.


How to trim chest and stomach hair

Although I find it hard to believe that men would use scissors in this day and age but apparently they do.

Using scissors would take me hours to trim my chest and stomach hair and there is no way I would get such a good result as I do with my bodygroomers.

Perhaps some people are just very tight when it comes to spending money on something that will do the job properly.

Electric hair clippers

body groomer

These are what you, or your barber, might use to trim the hair on your head. I have used these in the past and they do pretty good job if you don’t want to close a trim.

They are perhaps better if you just want to tidy your body hair up.

Electric shaver

Although some people use these I find they are generally not very good at dealing with hair as long as you might find on your chest or stomach.

They might be fine to use at the end after most of the hair is removed if you want a very smooth finish.

Wet razor

How to shave your chest and stomach

I find these do not work very well at all on most body hair.

They just tend to get clogged up with the long hairs very quickly so you need to constantly be running them under running water to rinse them. It can therefore take a long time to get anywhere.

Chest hairs tend to be quite tough too so the blades may well blunt quite quickly.

Hair removal cream

If you don’t mind the smell or mess then using a good hair removal cream may be work for you. You should always check that you won’t have an adverse reaction to the cream. Start with a small test before doing the whole chest and stomach. If after half an hour or so you have no reaction then you can do the rest.

The Veet gel hair remover cream is one of the better ones I have tried. The smell isn’t too bad and I can’t say the same for some of the others I have tried.


waxing chest and stomach hair
waxing body hair

Rather you than me if you want to try this method but if you are the hardy kind then you may wish to consider it. I would suggest that you might need someone to help you and perhaps also warn the neighbors that if they hear you screaming then not to call the police!

Incredibly there is a plus side. Yes, really! Waxing may only need to be done once every 4 weeks.

Having never used it myself I can’t actually recommend a wax. This is the best selling home waxing kit on Amazon should you wish to take a look.

My method

body hair removal

There are no hard and fast rules for doing this. My particular method is …

Using a body groomer, I normally start on my stomach. I begin just above my pubic area and try to not leave a completely straight line which doesn’t look natural. Then I work my way up my body in fairly long strokes.

I try to trim against the grain. In other words, the way the hair is growing, as that way I get the best results. This often means cutting from side to side if that is the way the hairs are growing.

The only area I have to take the most care of is around my nipples. It would hurt if I nicked them that’s for sure. I generally put a finger tip over each in turn and trim around my finger. When I get up towards my chest I normally look in a mirror to see what I am doing.

Once I have finished with my chest I always make sure everything else is at least in proportion, for example, I have quite hairy arms so it would look odd if I had a smooth chest yet had hairy upper arms and shoulders. Generally I will take the opportunity to at least trim my forearms with a comb attachment too as well as my armpit hair.

Funnily enough, once I get the body groomer in my hand I find it hard to stop. Just like when I go out into my garden with my pruning shears. I go out to “just cut off that one low branch”. But then, an hour later, I have half a truck of prunings to dispose of!

I hope you find the best way to trim chest and stomach hair for you. Good luck!

Manscaped tongue-in-cheek stomach trimming advice

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