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Hi and welcome to my blog where I discuss men’s body hair and body hair removal methods. I also recommend some body hair removal products that I have used successfully to try and save you from wasting your money on things that don’t work.

men's body hair

Although I wasn’t very hairy in my twenties, I started getting hairier from my thirties onward. Obviously it didn’t, but at the time, it seemed to happen almost overnight. One day I didn’t have any but the next I was shocked to suddenly notice that I did.

Unfortunately, with my advancing years, it means I have been removing body hair for 30 years plus – so I am not without experience.

Over the years I tried many ways of removing body hair – scissors, wet razors, hair clippers and creams. Some were successful while others were not.

I decided to make a blog to help others find the best ways to get rid of unwanted men’s body hair, giving the benefit of my experience.

If you are looking for what I consider to be the best methods of removing body hair for men then check out my other pages:

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Of course these are my experiences – you may completely disagree with me. But I hope this blog helps you.

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